TEMI 4.0
Complete Structure TEMI 4.0



An expandable system

ICE-FLEX completes its TEMI Plast 4.0 system, offering the customer the possibility of integrating solutions that facilitate completing the interconnectivity requirements: The TOUCH package the PRINTtoPRESS package and other interesting solutions.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to expand the system according to their needs by offering a service software customization to integrate, modify or expand the performance offered by TEMI Plast 4.0.


TOUCH package provides a wide wall touch display together with a microPC for networking (WI-FI or Ethernet). This allows operators to monitor production, alarms and machine status keeping up to date on new orders planning.


PRINTtoPRESS package consists of a compact capacitive touchscreen with microPC for networking to be installed on the machine: that is an open window on TEMI world to manage directly the molding machine, starting and stopping tasks. The package also provides a label printer for text and barcodes/QR. The printer is controlled by TEMI system and enhances quick product lot traceability through identification of molded parts.


For big companies it is an ad hoc product that can interface machines and company management.

The main functions are: to enter in TEMI the orders and the items to be assigned to the machines in an automatic way through a specific xml format required by TEMI; to retrieve all the production data in the database from TEMI including cycle parameters and alarms; to ask TEMI to upload or download the recipe on a machine with “remote recipe loading” task function


The complete system, based on the ISO:9001 certification guidelines, easy and intuitive, which allows to draw up and complete quality control forms.

It is possible to create control cards that can be edited directly on the machine with the PRINTtoPRESS option;

The card can be accompanied by checks, marks, measurements and notes made in compliance with the standard, but with the advantage of immediate archiving, absolute traceability and a reduction in time and processing.

This module will be ready until June 2019.


With this package it is possible to have an PDF support the configuration or “recipe” machine from which the associated article was produced.

This document may be printed, archived or shared with customers and suppliers in order to ensure greater production flexibility.

This module works with Wittmann Battenfeld machines and with some other brands, depending by digital communications possibilities


With this package it is possible to program the maintenance cycles of machine and mold (article) so that you can evaluate and prevent any production inefficiencies.

The system allows to have a virtual count of the molding cycles carried out by the mold in order to guarantee its maintenance also through predictive logics.

Available in the second half of 2020.


With this package, the entire production department can be brought on the cloud.

In this way it is possible to guarantee:

- Secure storage of all production data

- Display of the most important indicators in mode “real time”

- Security of a virtually infinite storage space

All that with the guarantee of security and privacy of the data.

Available in the end of 2020.


With this package, functional to the “Paper-less” project, for zeroing paper support, it is possible to upload all the PDF attachments related to a specific article and display them directly on the screen of your TEMI. 

With the combination of this package and PRINTtoPRESS option, the operator can access the digitalized information directly on the machine.

Of course, the uploaded files are always updated and available on all devices connected to TEMI Plast 4.0.


Through an easy and intuitive system is possible to set alarms in certain time slots that authorize the TEMI Plast 4.0 system to send a “machine in block” through email.

This optional package is typically useful when the presence of operators in the production department is reduced. In this way it is possible to further reduce machine downtime by making production more efficient


With this package it will be possible to interface the management systems already present in the company with the TEMI system through API http.

The main functions are:

- To enter in TEMI the orders and the items to be assigned to the machines automatically through a specific xml format required by TEMI.

- To collect all the production data in the database from TEMI including cycle parameters and alarms.

- To ask TEMI to upload or download the recipe to a machine that has the “upload recipe function” remotely.